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About us

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If you are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please immediately contact your doctor or the responsible health department.
You cannot be tested if you show symptoms.

About us

Our COVID-19 Testing credentials

In June 2020, Ecolog was one of the first companies in Europe to be engaged by government to conduct national mass testing in the fight against COVID-19. Luxembourg’s Institute of Health, Laboratoires Réunis and Ecolog worked together to create a comprehensive plan for Luxembourg citizens to get tested using best practice PCR swab testing methods. Within a month, Ecolog mobilized staff and infrastructure to implement 17 mobile testing stations to increase the number of tests across the country to 20,000. The company works within the ISO framework to ensure quality of sampling and results.

On the heels of the mass testing operation in Luxembourg, Ecolog opened a walk-in facility in the Dutch city of Eindhoven just as EU borders opened for the summer period. Located at the Eindhoven International Airport, Ecolog created a convenient private test centre for Dutch travellers and visitors needing COVID-19 certificates which were mandatory in certain countries. Together with ProHealth, a lab certified by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Ecolog Eindhoven Test Centre also regularly tests people from Belgium and Germany because of its location.

As COVID-19 continued to be a major concern globally, many countries have ramped up their testing efforts to mirror mass testing efforts seen in Luxembourg. Germany has ramped up their testing efforts and Ecolog will now offer COVID-19 testing at 3 major airports in Bavaria: Munich, Nürnberg and Memmingen as well as in several cities.

Get to Know the Ecolog Story

Our experience, dedication and expertise of more than two decades has enabled us to become the most reliable partner in providing several services that support entities with industrial & facility management, labour and food supply, waste management and logistics. Ecolog has risen to client challenges and has developed solutions that include cyber-security  digital, infrastructure project development.

Our global expansion has meant that we have built solid partnerships with commercial organizations, as well as with governmental, non-governmental & intergovernmental organizations. Corporate Social Responsibility remains our fundamental philosophy, and actively contributing to enhance the standard of living in any location we operate in. We contribute to these communities with local employment, training programs, and by supporting a broad variety of local community projects that promote higher economic welfare and standards of living. To read and learn more about Ecolog, visit our website at www.ecolog-international.com. 


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