Brussels Airport
COVID-19 Test Center

Safety for everyone:
fast & reliable

Do you travel to a country that
requires a negative test certificate?

*Only for departing travellers!

If you are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please immediately contact your doctor or the responsible health department.
You cannot be tested if you show symptoms.

Registration and appointment

Be tested quickly and easily

If you are travelling to a destination which requires a COVID-19 test, you can easily register yourself and your family, and have your test taken at our COVID-19 Test Center at Brussels Airport. You can even book your appointment in advance.

*Only for departing travellers!


Please contact us if you
need further information

E-mail: brussels@ecocare.center

The Brussels Airport COVID-19 Test Center will be operating from 03:30 in the morning until midnight.

Call Center +32 (0) 78 48 58 26 (Monday to Sunday 08:00 until 22.00)